Monthly Archives: January 2013

Moving Forward in Life

The moment we realize we are “sitting with our pain” is the precise moment when we begin moving through it.

Somewhere inside of us, there something shifts: at last, we give ourselves permission to move beyond that pain and those beliefs!

Wisdom has been gained along the journey. It propels us and gives us courage as we take steps forward.

We fix our gaze on the vision. New love, a baby, a happier relationship, a healthier body…

Whatever it is that we seek, wisdom and faith tell us we will eventually get there.


Allowing Change

Each of us carries the power to change our circumstances.

It may not be done quickly or easily, but it is true just the same. First we must acknowledge our role in our pain or misfortune. How is it that we are holding on to anger, excess weight, old heartache, or pain from loss?

We tell ourselves that we are willing to change or do better, yet each year that feeling of unmet expectations appears and threatens to keeps us stuck.

The way out of this plight is relatively simple. Start by ALLOWING things to be different! Begin the process of creating a new outcome by allowing a shift to occur from within…

New Year’s resolutions imply hard work and effort. Isn’t it easier to simply remind ourselves each day that we have the option to allow things to be different?