About Us

Danica Thornberry, L.Ac. founded Well Women Acupuncture in Los Angeles in 2001. She completed a post-graduate certification in Chinese Gynecology and has had phenomenal success in helping thousands of women reach their individual goals. She has appeared twice on Lifetime TV’s “Speaking of Women’s Health, ” where she presented acupuncture as a successful form of treatment for fertility problems and hormone imbalances. Danica faced fertility challenges of her own and learned that baby-making is a combination of timing, self-care, and faith in a bigger picture. She shares the wisdom she gained in pursuit of her own children with her patients. She is the author of the newly published book, Stick it to Me, Baby! Inserting Spirit Into The Science of Infertility. Click here for more info.
Audrey Guss, L.Ac.
As a practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine, Audrey’s specialties lie in the digestive and endocrine imbalances common to many complicated female health concerns, including fertility. Her passion to help others comes from her own journey, where she learned first hand the important role natural medicine plays in returning to wellness. That empathy helps her guide her patients on a wide range of healthfulness journeys. Audrey graduated summa cum laude with a Masters degree from Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She has practiced in integrative medical settings including the UCLA Arthur Ashe Medical Center and the Simms/Mann health and Wellness Center.
Dr. Lilla
Dr Lilla DiFlorio
As a naturopathic doctor and fertility specialist, Dr. Lilla’s greatest professional joy is to nurture your fertile potential. Whether you are seeking preconception care or you’ve experienced the hallenging road of unexplained infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss, she understands that optimum fertility is ushered in when health flows in the body, mind and spirit. Her comprehensive approach includes diagnostic tests, clinical assessment, evaluation of lifestyle and environmental impacts. Having had her own fertility challenges, she understands the profound nature of the struggle. It is transformative. Dr. Lilla’s work is heart-centered and she offers you partnership in your journey. She earned her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA and continually furthers her training in the art and science of reproduction. She is honored to participate in your evolving fertile life.
Jennifer Block, L.Ac
Jennifer has studied Eastern medicine in both Santa Fe and Los Angeles, earning a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine while raising three children. She uses her own experience as a mother, as well as her gentle touch and natural sensitivity, to offer each patient an optimal setting for healing.
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