I opened the door to the Well Women Acupuncture office on Nov 1, 2001. That was 15 years ago!


It’s amazing to think of the thousands of women and hundreds of thousands of treatments that have occurred in this tiny space that have helped so many women reach their personal health goals. There’s literally been millions of needles inserted! 


There’ve been many practitioners that have practiced inside the Well Women office over the years, and this month I have the pleasure of introducing Dr. Lilla DiFlorio, a naturopath who has relocated to Los Angeles from Seattle, to become the newest member of the Well Women Acupuncture office. She works with couples to optimize fertility using specific lab values as well as diagnostic tools and nutritional supplements to help restore patients’ fertility.
Dr. Lilla will bring help to the Well Women patients whose partners are struggling with Male Factor infertility!


Lilla is seeing patients on Fridays, along with long-time Well Women acupuncturist Audrey Guss, my colleague who specializes in thyroid disease, digestive and endocrine disorders. Please read more about them here.


Thank you for all your support and referrals over the years. Along the way to this miletsone, I’ve gained wisdom, confidence, joy and tremendous gratitude for each woman who steps inside the door and trusts me, or one of our practitioners, to help her get where she wants to be.