By Danica Thornberry

dreamstime_l_17976408While walking home from school last week my six year old asked me, “Mama, Do we pick our personalities?”

My response to her was “Well, I don’t know about that, but I believe that when we are spirits deciding to come into a body, we probably choose what lessons we will try to learn.”

She seemed totally satisfied with that answer, and her question revealed once again to me that we really are in the throws of a “spiritual age”…and it has us all thinking about things we once took for granted.

Her question got me thinking about what I chose to learn this time around.

I guess I chose a “spiritual” personality because I opted to be someone of service to women in need…and this choice mandates that I practice self-care, patience and lots of reframing.

Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with thousands of patients and helped them transform their disappointments and pain into a much more meaningful existence.

In doing this for so long I’ve learned how to love the life I have. It wasn’t always the case for sure, and “loving life” isn’t always easy or how I would describe myself each day if anyone asked; but at least it’s on my radar now and something I can say I have experienced more as I get older.


“Embracing spirituality” isn’t easy. It usually involves surviving painful disappointment or some type of huge change. But it is possible, and it seems to be knocking at our door… in the form of opportunities to move beyond our comfort zone, and into our better self.

Everyday we have a list of reasons to not feel certain about what our future holds, or 12 new reasons why we can’t trust things to happen how we would like.

But every time we allow ourselves to “free float in uncertainty”, every time we find new ways to calm our high levels of anxiety… we raise our vibration. We feel stronger. We become more spiritually attuned to what we need or what we need to do next, in order to get to a more peaceful place in life.

As humans, we make choices all day based on the type of personality we picked. Take a moment to ask yourself what personality YOU chose and why; then decide if you are fulfilling that path…

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