All three of these virtues play a role in creating what we want.

My daughter was conceived (naturally) five years after I was told I “wasn’t a candidate for IVF and would need donor eggs” if I wanted to have a child.

During that challenging pregnancy I spent 17 weeks on bedrest and used the time to write a book that contains 33 inspirational stories of healing, self-discovery, transformation and triumph that I’ve witnessed while working with the infertile community.

Nine years later that book was published, and I just launched it last week!

Divine timing is something that we have to take on faith and usually requires infinite patience. But once we surrender to it, miracles seem to happen.

At my book signing last week I shared the story I feel best illustrates the “magic” that happens inside the walls of the Well Women Acupuncture office. It was the story of one woman who chose to trust a message revealed during a Reiki session in order to get to her son. The crowd was amazed to hear what transpired for this woman and the others who are willing to let go and trust in themselves and in a power they can’t see.

How wonderful it was to host that event and share publicly about my experiences and the insights gained inside the treatment rooms.

For more inspiration and to read all of the awesome stories, including my own, click here to order the book from Amazon.