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Danica Thornberry


Danica founded Well Women Acupuncture in Los Angeles in 2001. She is pursuing a Doctorate in Women’s Reproductive Medicine, and has had phenomenal success helping thousands of women reach their individual goals.

Danica first appeared on Lifetime TV’s “Speaking of Women’s Health” in 2002,  when she presented acupuncture as a successful form of treatment for fertility problems and hormone imbalances.

In 2010 Danica created SeedFertility.com — a powerful collection of online fertility education courses for women looking for daily fertility support and guidance.

She is the author of Stick It to Me, Baby! Inserting Spirit Into The Science of Infertility. Click here to purchase from Amazon.

Audrey Guss

Thyroid & Digestive Health

As a practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine, Audrey’s talents lie in her understanding of the digestive disorders and endocrine imbalances commonly found in so many complex female health concerns, including infertility.

Her passion to help others comes from her own journey, where she learned firsthand the important role natural medicine plays in returning to wellness.

A blend of training, intuition and empathy help Audrey guide her patients through a wide range of healthfulness journeys.

Audrey graduated summa cum laude with a Masters degree from Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She has practiced in Integrative Medical settings including the UCLA Arthur Ashe Medical Center and the Simms/Mann health and Wellness Center.

Kristi Swicegood

Women’s Health & Pain Management

Kristi received her Master’s degree in 2004 from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine and began focusing specifically on orthopedic care, sports medicine and chronic pain. She quickly realized an underlying emotional component lies at the root of chronic pain and complex physical ailments.

While doing acupuncture at a fertility clinic in Los Angeles, she made the connection between the heartache of trying to conceive and the spiritual journey women take to reach their babies. That began her transition into women’s health and transformed her journey as a practitioner.

She enjoys working alongside some of the most distinguished women’s health practitioners to provide support for natural conception, IUI and IVF, as well as pregnancy, postpartum and issues related to peri-menopause and motherhood.

Kristi uses acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine and lifestyle counseling to restore balance, prevent disease, relieve pain and increase a woman’s sense of well being.

Christina DuBois

Acupuncture, Herbs & Yoga

Christina holds a bachelor’s degree in Medical Anthropology, but it was her personal health journey and experience with acupuncture that launched her career on a healer’s path. Knowing that culture and behavior affect the general health of a community, Christina blends her training as a yoga instructor with the holistic mind-body approach in her treatments. She graduated from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she specialized in Women and Children’s health, specifically the practice of Shoni-Shin, a non-invasive pediatric acupuncture technique.

Andrea Tijmes

Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

Andrea received her Master’s degree from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her background is in health coaching and nutritional therapy. She skillfully combines both fields to help her patients learn which foods are best for their individual needs. She chose Chinese medicine because the combination of herbs, diet therapy and acupuncture allows her to practice modalities to bring a body back to balance.

Andrea focuses on women’s health, anti-aging and wellness. She’s trained in facial acupuncture, the art of using specific points to stimulate collagen production to smooth out wrinkles and promote a youthful appearance.

Empowering Fertility Products

Created by Well Women Acupuncture Founder, Danica Thornberry

The online program women are using to heal infertility!

The Seed Fertility Program is a daily online resource designed to empower women going through infertility and IVF. Created by Danica Thornberry to address the needs of her acupuncture patients struggling with infertility, SeedFertility.com has helped hundreds of women have healthy babies since 2010.

SeedFertility.com is a clinically-proven program consisting of videos, recipes, meditations and thought-provoking journal questions that work together to reduce stress and improve cycle outcome.

Women around the world use The Seed Fertility Program to restore peace in an uncertain process.

True Stories that Inspire...

Stick It to Me, Baby! is a compilation of 33 true fertility success stories that happened inside our treatment rooms that have the power to inspire and forever change the way you approach your path to motherhood.

Infertility can be reframed into an opportunity for spiritual discovery and deeper healing. Read these stories and start changing the way you've been thinking about the process of getting pregnant. 

When reproductive science doesn't have the answers, it's time to look within yourself...

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