The Seed Fertility Program

The Seed Fertility Program is a completely new way of helping women get pregnant.

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Seed is a workshop designed to educate women using dietary information, inspirational stories, and personalized tools that can help to address fertility obstacles. This information-based program explains how to use supportive foods and fertile thoughts to improve pregnancy success rates.

Women who are using Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) can learn how to integrate holistic/spiritual methods with ART protocols to increase their odds of successful pregnancy.

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A Seed Was Planted…

Approximately 10 years ago, Dr. Joyce Vargyas, a physician at California Fertility Partners, and the practitioners at Well Women Acupuncture began working together to increase support for women.

The results have been clear: happier women, healthier children, and stronger families.

This emotional and spiritual approach to fertility treatment continues today, in the wake of Dr. Vargyas’ passing. The Seed Fertility Program is a collaborative effort between Well Women Acupuncture and California Fertility Partners, intended to increase fertile consciousness and foster successful outcomes.