What People Are Saying

“I was broken when I met Danica…at my lowest low. It was her compassion and sage advice about emotional, hormonal and nutritional balance that in many ways brought me back to life. The SEED principles gave me a framework to understand how to put the pieces back together and prepare myself to once again create life. I’ve seen Danica work her magic with several friends, each time with success. I hope the online program can help thousands more.”

“[Danica has] carved a unique and much-needed niche, doing something no one else has done. This work and those new ideas have already helped me feel happier and more in control of my fertility! Thank you!”

“The SEED Program is an amazing and nurturing way for women to come together to empower themselves and each other. I learned so much about not just my physical health, but my emotional and spiritual health as well. Danica is an amazing healer, teacher and success story. Her passion to support women in being well in every area of their lives is inspiring!”

“By sharing your knowledge and information, you are giving women hope! I feel so much better and attribute it to the positive work we have started…it’s amazing that it helps so quickly!”

“Attended SEED today and loved it! Feeling very empowered…Thanks!”

“The lecture was truly inspirational and helped me feel more at peace and more optimistic. Thank you so much.”

“I wish I would have recorded the workshop. It was so informative. Amazing!”