I am working with a woman who recently survived another miscarriage.

A few weeks after the loss she began losing hair on her head, buy which she initially believed to be confirmation that she was officially falling apart.

In our sessions we immediately addressed the grief; the loss of the dream of giving birth at a certain due date.

The sessions validated her feelings of heartache. Soon she was able to trust me, and trust this process.

We began to talk about the ways in which herbs, certain foods, and acupuncture can be viewed as “deposits” back into her baby-making account. Through several conversations about what this particular loss represented for her (an awakening, a shift), she stopped losing hair and is now ovulating again.

Today she is able to reframe the way she views this journey to baby.

Her words now: “I never realized that my hair loss could be viewed as part of a shedding process I needed to do.”

My guess is that the space created from this shedding will be the space that makes room for baby.