I’ve been talking a lot lately about willingness. And that’s because i think it’s the first step towards change. My newsletters, book and online course are not a way of telling women that they aren’t willing. .. but rather I’m teaching women struggling with infertility to become willing to go deeper when searching for ways to help themselves.

Think about it another way:

We want to feel better in our jeans, or we want to look better in a swimsuit. Wearing clothes that are too tight is uncomfortable, leaving two choices: buy larger, looser clothes, or make more effort to slim down. 

I like to view the infertile population as mostly full of “sub-fertility” cases, which means there’s one or more little things that aren’t optimized within the couple. However, once corrected, fertility is restored and healthy babies are born.


These “things” usually involved changes in diet and a woman’s belief systems.


Like a personal trainer, my job is to stay with women or redirect their focus when they want to give up. I give them numerous ways to look at their situation differently, to help them stay on track. Sometimes they get frustrated and want to run from that, or place blame or feel sorry for themselves. But somewhere deep down, they know there’s truth behind my “spiritual advice” that keeps urging women to find more ways to love their lives in order to improve their fertility.

It’s 5:30am. I’m out walking while writing this — exercising and sharing publicly are 2 very uncomfortable things for me. But stepping up and doing it anyway is what will bring the changes I want.

Again I pose the question: what might you need to change in order to improve the life you have?