“There’s nothing sexy about trying!” announced one of my patients who feels ready to have a child.

Last year, at age 41, she opted to freeze her eggs—twice. After obtaining this “insurance,” she now finds herself in a relationship with an available man who wants to start a family!

“He offered to go in for testing because his dad had low sperm and he’s all freaked out that might happen to him!”

“Really?!” I replied, “They did sperm analysis 40 years ago???”

After enjoying a good laugh at the improbability of this, I watched as she withdrew inside her mind and became deep in thought. She started analyzing the number of times they would get to “try” in the coming week. I could see her getting stressed.

Then I interrupted. I reminded her that I had witnessed her make a higher than average number of eggs…two times! And noted that I had also seen her all made up for a night out, exuding sensuality and confidence. I reassured her that she didn’t need to overthink this situation and lose her feminine power.

She relaxed and smiled, which softened her face. As I inserted needles to support follicular development and improve ovarian function, I explained that women who embrace their feminine power can be quite creative. This ability to “create” often overflows into conceiving a child.

I frequently encourage patients to experiment with different ways of expressing their femininity and being creative. For instance, they may:

  • Wear colorful dresses/skirts, instead of constricting clothing in all black, white, and grey.
  • Use an engaging color scheme to redecorate at home
  • Write, draw, or make a collage
  • Cook an amazing meal
  • Speak and move with intention, allowing the pace to slow and soften
  • Take up belly dancing or another form of sensual dance
  • Meditate

All of these endeavors can help to direct the energy toward creation.

From an intuitive, open space, it is easier to let go of the judgment, worry, and shame that can cloud your mind, and instead trust in your own creative process.