julieBy Julie Grados, Acupuncture Intern

While preparing for acupuncture exams, I stepped outside for some fresh air. I was struck by all the green around me. As I absorbed the healthy energy of so many green plants, I pondered the connection between green, springtime and a healthy liver. With spring approaching, I made a vow to emphasize green (green foods, green clothes, green imagery) to help keep myself aligned with nature’s intended increased energy. After all, March isn’t just about St. Patrick…

Check out these other great reasons to embrace green all month long!

Starting March 5 – “40 Days of Lent” begin, but we do not need to be Catholic to welcome a 40 day window of self-improvement! It’s a special opportMandala das Herzchakraunity to create change in our lives either by modifying our diet, habits, or lifestyle. Think about one thing that you would love to change about yourself… Whatever it is, emphasizing green can help you energetically set the change in motion, as green is the color of change!


Woman running on meadowMarch 8 – “International Women’s Day” is a national celebration for women to honor our greatness and feminine energy. Who knew?!  Celebrate the great woman you are! Wear a fresh, feminine, flowy green skirt, dress or scarf to energize your female energetic center and your Heart Chakra. Balancing the heart energy can simultaneously clear and nourish your heart so that you can experience love in a genuine way. Let the color green open up your heart and help you honor the awesome, loving woman you are!

Clover quarterfoil in hand

March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day celebrates a Catholic saint who advocated for human rights and spoke highly of women. In his writings, St. Patrick speaks of women as valuable and courageous individuals. Choosing green on this day honors this Irish Saint who truly saw the beauty and power of women!


And lastly, March 20th is the Spring Equinox, marking the beginning of the Spring Season. In Chinese medicine we associate green with a healthy liver system. Green balances our liver energy to help cleanse our bodies both physically and energetically. Taking a walk in nature to observe the green scenery, or imagining a sphere of green light encircling your body can recharge your liver energy and help with spring cleaning and spring projects. All of these activities will encourage the movement and proper flow of liver energy.

The therapeutic effects of the color green are immense. I encourage you to fully experience the healing effects of green; in your wardrobe, while taking a walk, while enjoying a fresh salad of spring greens… Let the green vibration encircle your body. Not only will you be in tune with the season but you will also feel more relaxed, energized and more emotionally centered!

~Julie   Hands hugging green fresh grass in shape of heart