Support for women at all stages of life

Fertility – Pregnancy
Adolescence – Motherhood – Menopause
& Everything in Between.


40+ years’ combined experience helping Women:

  • Heal infertility
  • Find peace during menopause
  • Improve thyroid function
  • Treat menstrual problems
  • Clear acne and skin issues
  • Resolve chronic digestive complaints
  • Improve auto-immune conditions
  • Resolve body pain
  • Experience “healthy” aging
  • Address emotions
  • Reduce stress

“We provide unique guidance for women on a path to well-being and understand the issues that women face today. We want them to leave our office feeling transformed by the work we’ve done together.” 

Danica Thornberry, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist & Founder

Helping Women Make Changes For Life.

Woman Doing Yoga

Female health conditions we treat everyday:

PCOS  –  Menopause –  Mood Swings  –  Headaches  –  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  –  Insulin Resistance  –  Vaginal Dryness  –  Endometriosis  –  Infertility  –  Anxiety &  Panic Attacks  –  TMJ Pain –  Constipation  –  Thyroid Dysfunction  –  Painful Menstruation  –  Depression  –  Insomnia  –  Neck and shoulder tension  –  Fibromyalgia  – Auto-immune disorders –  Yeast Infections  –  Hot Flashes –  Sciatica  –  Pregnancy Complaints….

“It’s so much more than just needles!”

Brianna, age 33

True Healing

The blending of spiritual consciousness with wisdom, compassion, & intuition to create positive change.

Danica Thornberry performing acupuncture

We’ve created a nurturing experience for women that relaxes all 5 senses.

The combination of safe conversation, calming techniques and delta brainwave music reduces the effect of stress on the nervous system.

This gives our patients an opportunity to escape the noise from the outside world and relax on a deeper level; setting the stage for lasting change.

Empowering Fertility Products

Created by Well Women Acupuncture Founder, Danica Thornberry

The Seed Fertility Program website preview on a phone and laptop

The online program women are using to heal infertility!

The Seed Fertility Program is a daily online resource designed to empower women going through infertility and IVF. Created by Danica Thornberry to address the needs of her acupuncture patients struggling with infertility, has helped hundreds of women have healthy babies since 2010. is a clinically-proven program consisting of videos, recipes, meditations and thought-provoking journal questions that work together to reduce stress and improve cycle outcome.

Women around the world use The Seed Fertility Program to restore peace in an uncertain process.

The Cover of the book Stick it to me baby

True Stories that Inspire...

Stick It to Me, Baby! is a compilation of 33 true fertility success stories that happened inside our treatment rooms that have the power to inspire and forever change the way you approach your path to motherhood.

Infertility can be reframed into an opportunity for spiritual discovery and deeper healing. Read these stories and start changing the way you've been thinking about the process of getting pregnant. 

When reproductive science doesn't have the answers, it's time to look within yourself...

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